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Sleep Studies are provided by our diagnostic partner, Advanced Pulmonary & Sleep Diagnostics, to assist in the diagnosis of sleep disorders, including sleep apnoea. APSD currently perform two types of sleep study:

  • Home-Based/Portable Sleep Study
  • Hospital-Based Sleep Study

Referrals to APSD can be made by doctors by either hardcopy or electronic template, with the option of either a direct referral for the test alone* or for the test to be followed by a consultation with a Respiratory & Sleep Physician.

For more information about APSD, please click here:

*Test includes referral to a qualified sleep physician to confirm the necessity for the study, where applicable, as per Medicare requirements.

Sleep Studies Specialists

Dr Kovi Levin
Respiratory & Sleep Disorder Physician

Assoc. Prof. Ian Glaspole
Allergy, Respiratory & Sleep Disorders Physician

Dr Hoan Tran
Respiratory & Sleep Disorders Physician

Dr Simon Frenkel
Respiratory & Sleep Disorders Physician


Practitioner Referral Templates
Paper-Based and Electronic

What is OSA?
Fact Sheet - PDF

What is Snoring?
Fact Sheet - PDF

About Your Sleep Study
Brochure - PDF


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