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The food we eat affects our body long after it is eaten. It has a profound effect on the health of the human body, influencing our energy levels, nutritional status, and disease risk, thereby impacting our lives on a day to day basis. Dietitians study the effects nutrition has on the body, as well as the needs our bodies have at all stages of life.

At the NWSC, our Accredited Practicing Dietitian can provide you with expert nutrition advice to help improve both your health and well-being. He delivers practical assistance to both individuals and larger population groups to prevent nutrition related problems and is also involved in the dietary treatment of disease.

Our Dietitian stays up to date with the latest best practice and evidence based guidelines, allowing himself to help treat a wide range of dietetic conditions. He is also able to use the latest, proven techniques in behavioural modification to help patients overcome their problems.

Dietetics Specialists

Cam Johnson