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Sleep Dentist

Damian is a holistic dentist with a focused interest  in snoring, sleep disorders, teeth grinding, TMJ disorders and airway focused orthodontics. In his dentistry, Damian is passionate about looking “beyond the mouth” and treating the body as a whole.

He believes dentists play an important role in being able to recognise airway/breathing issues, sleeping problems, and craniofacial pain (such as headaches, neck pain, and TMJ disorders). This led him to undergo extensive postgraduate training with world renowned specialists in the field of sleep medicine AND TMJ disorders.

Damian is a member of the Australasian Sleep Association (ASA), and has a Post Graduate Diploma in Dental Sleep Medicine with the University of Western Australia. He also worked in Darwin’s first official TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre, where he exclusively treated patients for snoring, sleep apnoea, teeth grinding and TMD. Damian understands the value in working with skilled allied health practitioners outside of dentistry. He has presented talks and held seminars to medical and dental professionals to spread the knowledge that dentists can help one’s health and quality of life “beyond the mouth.”


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